Home Basics 30 Information Security (Basic) Key Processes

30 Information Security (Basic) Key Processes

Basic Information Security Key Processes


30 Information Security (Basic) Key Processes

1. Access Control (including Provisioning and Recertification)

2. Active Directory Access Control

3. Application Access Provisioning

4. Application Security Testing

5. Clear Desk

6. Daily Log Review

7. Database Access Control

8. Database Log Review

9. Digital Certificate Control

10. Email Filtering

11. Emergency (Firefighting) Account Management

12. Encryption Services

13. End User Computing

14. Hardening

15. Identity Management

16. Incident Management

17. Information Classification

18. Information Security Investigation

19. Information Security Project Management

20. Infrastructure Support

21. Internet Filtering

22. Key Management

23. Penetration Testing

24. Policies Management

25. Risk Assessment

26. Security Awareness

27. Server Log Review

28. SOX testing (PCI or any regulatory test requirement)

29. Threat Management

30. Vendor Management


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