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DIY Vacuum Table Makes Lasering Even Easier


DIY Vacuum Table Makes Lasering Even Easier

If you’ve ever tried to laser flexible rolls of material you’ll know it can be really annoying to setup in the laser cutter.

Most of the time we use magnets, but then you have to make sure the magnets are clear of the work path — and then you end up wasting extra material… It’d be amazing to have a vacuum table that just sucks down your work piece to keep it in place! As it turns out, it’s not that hard to make!

After getting frustrated lasering warped material themselves, [Martin Raynsford] and the gang decided to make their very own vacuum table — using a laser cutter of course.

It’s essentially a laser cut box with small slits spaced out on the surface. A hose adapter allows you to attach your shop vac to create the vacuum. If your material doesn’t cover the entire box, simply put a few pieces of paper down to block the slits you aren’t using. The resultant suction on your work-piece will keep everything nicely in place.

The system works great but since it’s MDF you’ll have to be careful not to laser through your material and then through your vacuum table! Maybe once it’s proven effective they’ll have the top layer of the box made out of metal.

Speaking of lasers, did you know you can laser cut 3D objects with your laser cutter and a bit of ingenuity?

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