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Mabwe Social Networking Site


Mabwe Social Networking Site – the New African Social Media Platform that Seeks to be Different.

The newly developed African social networking site has 4 niches – Connect, Career, Mabwe411 and Marketplace Africa. It has a website with applications available on Apple and play stores. 

As a social networking site, Mabwe is dedicated to the current residents in the cradle of humanity, Africans and the African continent. 

Having youth living in urban African cities and Africans who vie to be connected with their fellow Africans on a close knit social media networking platform as target, Mabwe aspires to build an established African social networking site.

Are you looking to connect with Africa, her daughters and sons and beyond?

Mabwe is the right place for you.Give us best rating and review if you like this app and share to your friends.

Thank you

You can get this app from below link:

Web: https://www.mabwe.com/


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