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Oh No! It’s the Claw!


Oh No! It’s the Claw!

What’s more seductive than a claw machine? After all, how hard can it be to snag that $2 teddy bear that is practically poking out of the pile of merchandise? But after 20 quarters, you realize you’ve spent $5, and you still don’t have anything to show for it.

[CreativeGuy88] decided to build his own claw machine (that way, he gets to keep the quarters). This sizable build is as much woodworking project as anything. However, the motors and control joysticks require electrical wiring and [CreativeGuy88] used Lego bricks to make much of the carriage.

The only part he didn’t create from scratch was the actual claw. Instead, he bought a replacement claw for a commercial machine. It uses an electromagnet to engage the grip. You can see a video of the machine in action, below.

We’ve seen claw machine builds in the past. We’ve even covered one that had a connection to the Internet.

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