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Session Hijacking Tutorial [cookie stealing]

First of all, before going any further you have to understand what a cookie is. So what is a cookie? a cookie is a small piece of information that is stored in the user’s client (browser) when a user visits a website. It is generated by the web server and sent to the browser for authentication purpose.  Lets say you login to your facebook account, when you login a session data is being created in the facebook’s server and it sends a cookie file to your browser. when you do some activity in facebook, these two things are compared and matched everytime. So if we manage to steal this cookie file from someone we will access to their account. In this tutorial i will show you how to do this in LAN. (this method will not work if the victim is not connected to your network.)
So in this tutorial you will be using a tool called Wire Shark   and a firefox add on called Add N Edit Cookies.

When done this process, just minimize Cain And Abel.

Wire shark is a tool used to sniff packets from the network clients. we will be using this to steal our cookies.
Add N Edit Cookies add on is to inject the stolen cookie into firefox browser.

Download and install wireshark, open it up and click on “Capture” from menu bar. select your interface and click Start. this will start to capture all the packets from your network.

Now find the packets using ther filterer http.cookie.
Look for packets which has POST and GET in it. this is the http information sent to server.

Now once you found the cookie, copy its value like this:

Paste it and save it in a notepad file. Now the final thing to do is, open firefox and start the Add N Edit Cookies Add on from tools menu. Now Insert the stolen cookie here, and you’re done! you should be having access to the victim’s account now!


  1. is it possible to collect cookies from other devices cause mine only gets the http.cookies from computers not phones and stuff


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